Molecular Ecology of the Rhizosphere

research group Prof. Dr. Joost T. van Dongen

Salt stress


Salt stress

Dr. Romy Schmidt

Due to both modern agricultural practice and natural influence a worldwide salinization of farmland occurs. Saline soil water constrains plant growth by an osmotic and/or toxic effect of sodium ions within the plant. Many modern agricultural crops are sensitive in terms of abiotic stress, e.g. drought and salinity stress and, thus, their productiveness is severely threatened by these stress forms. We are interested in elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying signal transduction pathways and transcriptional cascades that mediate plant growth and abiotic stress responses. In particular, we aim at unravelling the role of several signalling molecules like phytohormones, sugars and reactive oxygen species in abiotic stress response. A combination of molecular, cellular, genetic, genomic, and biochemical tools has been developed to unravel the genetic programs and signalling cascades in cereal crops.