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Jos Schippers

Dr. Jos Schippers
Group/Project Leader
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Dr. Jos Schippers was born in the Netherlands and studied Plant Biotechnology at Wageningen University. After his graduation he started his PhD on the molecular mechanisms of ageing and leaf senescence in plants (University of Groningen), where he worked on the characterization and identification of onset of leaf death mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana. After his PhD he moved to Germany (2008) and started to develop his own research programs on leaf development in Arabidopsis and salt stress tolerance in Oryza sativa, within the cooperative research group ‘Plant Signaling’ at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology and the ‘Molecular Biology’ group at the University of Potsdam. As a project leader he trained five PhD students, one Postdoc, numerous MSc and BSc students, and multiple visiting scientists.
Since January 2014 he is project leader at the RWTH University of Aachen. His research focusses on plant development including leaf growth and senescence.


Associate editor BMC Plant Biology


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