Molecular Ecology of the Rhizosphere

research group Prof. Dr. Joost T. van Dongen

Vadim Fedyaev

Dr. Vadim Fedyaev is Assistant Professor in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the Bashkir State University in Ufa, Russia and a regular visiting scientist of the Van Dongen research group. He obtained his PhD degree at the Bashkir State University in 2002.

Dr. Fedyaev’s research interests include analysis of plant respiratory metabolism and its quantitative interaction with photosynthesis under different stress conditions (nutrition and water deficit, heavy metals, salinity etc.). In particular, he focusses on the role of alternative respiratory pathways in plant adaptation to environmental changings.
The second research topic of him investigates the impact of phytohormones on plant energy metabolism.
In his work he employs methods of plant physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology to pursue his goals. In research, he uses various higher plant species of different adaptation types and also model organisms like Arabidopsis, wheat, barley and tabacco.

Mailing address: Chair of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Bashkir State University, Zaki Validi 32, 450076, Ufa, Russia